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Frequently Asked Questions

How often is the fund available?

The fund is designed to help those in need on a biweekly basis. Because of this there is an availability to when those who have received helped from the fund before can call, and when those that are new to the fund are able to call.​ The fund is available to those in need once every six months.

how can i apply for the communal fund?

Call to apply (701) 630-1344
New recipients of the fund can call Mondays of a distribution week between 9am-3pm.

Prior recipients of the fund can call Tuesdays of a distribution week between 9am-2pm.

how many are able to apply to the fund?

During distribution weeks there will be 10-12 spots that the communal fund will assist with.

when and where does distribution take place?

Distribution will be on Wednesdays between 2pm-4pm. Individuals will be notified of where to pick up the fund. In the event individuals can't make it on distribution date they must make make arrangements by Friday of distribution week.

what documentation is required?

  • Photo ID

  • Proof of need (utility bill, cell phone bill, etc).

  • Car repairs:

    • Please bring a printed copy of the estimate repair bill from the business involved

    • Also notify the business involved if they accept third party checks

    • Vehicle registration

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